Milano / Thursday 23 September 2021

Teatro Dal Verme / at 09:00 PM

Mozart, a new Requiem

As we know, Mozart’s pupil Süssmayr wound up completing his teacher’s Requiem. Indeed, his original work makes up the last four numbers. MITO SettembreMusica commissioned one of today’s great composers to continue this “work in progress” and rearrange Süssmayr’s score, without, however, touching the vocal parts. The result is an all-new take on the most famous Requiem ever written.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Requiem in D minor K. 626 New version with final numbers arranged by David Del Puerto
Commissioned by MITO SettembreMusica
World premiere

Ruben Jais, conductor

Gianluca Capuano, conductor

Elena Piva, harp

Daniele Rossi, accordion

Matteo Giudici, guitar

Giulio Cazzani, electric bass (guitar)

The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction courtesy of Gaia Varon
In conjunction with laBarocca

Assigned seating € 10