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With Michele Spotti, Riccardo Chailly, Gianandrea Noseda, Daniele Rustioni, the TRT Orchestra, the Filarmonica della Scala, the Orchestre de l'Opéra de Lyon, the Orchestra dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia and other artists.

with the Eyes

From baroque to contemporary, these are concerts to enjoy with your eyes in unusual spaces, edging on the theatre. With music by Beethoven, Heiner Goebbels, Olivier Messiaen, Fabio Nieder, Simon Steen-Andersen, Lisa Streich, and performances by Ludovico Einaudi, Giovanni Sollima, Vinicio Marchioni, Costanza Principe, the Rai Orchestra, and many others.


Two historic companies: Martini & Rossi and Campari. A dual narrative and musical project in two evenings, by and with Stefano Massini, accompanied by Emanuele Cisi, with Eleonora Strino, Marco Micheli, and Enzo Zirilli.

MITO per la città

The city, with its places, its territory and its spaces becomes a stage, letting the music travel through it and fill it, spreading and arriving where it would not normally reach. MITO per la città, which this year too joins the prestigious program of MITO Settembre Musica, continues to carry out a crucial task, that of reiterating, with facts and with a proposal of the highest level, the importance of bringing art really anywhere and to anyone.

the World

A tribute to Giacomo Puccini on the centenary of his death with a programme of four concerts and two new orchestra works inspired by characters from Puccini's operas and the man Puccini himself, commissioned to composers Andrea Manzoli and Roberta Vacca.

Music on
Two Feet

Toro and Milan. A tribute to the football culture of two cities with music by Fabio Vacchi and Carlo Crivelli, performed by the Milan Symphony Orchestra and Symphony Choir, conducted by Diego Ceretta, and the RAI Orchestra and Maghini Choir, conducted by Enrico Pagano.

Milano MITO d'Europa

The Sonata is a form that evolves over time and adapts to the taste and stylistic individuality of each composer. In this spirit, we will listen to examples ranging from the colorful refinements of the Baroque to the hallucinatory visions of the twentieth century, passing through the classical architectures and the tormented romantic narratives.

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