Milano / Monday 19 September 2022
Trio Chagall
Trio Chagall

MTM Teatro Litta / at 05:00 PM


A young trio explores two pieces composed by musicians their own tender age, back in the day. Brahms wrote Trio Op. 8 when he was 21. Debussy composed Trio in G major when he was 17. The light of dawn was shining on them both. But prick up your ears! Their music sounds the whole day long.

Johannes Brahms Trio in si maggiore op. 8 Claude Debussy Trio in G major

Trio Chagall

Edoardo Grieco, violin
Francesco Massimino, cello
Lorenzo Nguyen, piano

The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction courtesy of Gaia Varon
In conjunction with the
De Sono Association for Musica


Tickets € 5