MTM Teatro Litta

Corso Magenta, 24
M1, M2 Cadorna FN Triennale
Tram 1, 16, 19/Bus 50, 58, 61, 94
BikeMi 85 - D’Ancona
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Teatro Litta is Milano’s oldest active theater. Located in the heart of the city’s historic district, it occupies one wing of Palazzo Arese-Litta, whose construction dates back to the sixteen and seventeen hundreds. Today Palazzo Litta, with its highly decorated 18th-century facade, is considered one of the most representative examples of Lombard Barocchetto, and until the end of the 1800s remained one of the city’s liveliest cultural, political and economic centers. Indeed, the original theater was built for personal use by the aristocratic Litta family and their guests, and owes its fame in part to the sumptuous receptions and celebrations once held there.
The theater also boasts a spacious lobby and an elegant café, which combine Baroque architectonic elements with ultra-modern furnishing. The theater is set off the Cortile dell’Orologio (“Clock Courtyard”), the site of various outdoor events. Recently a smaller hall, La Cavallerizza (formerly the palazzo’s stables), was restructured, featuring a wood floor and visible brickwork, for performances, exhibitions and conferences.