Milano / Monday 17 September 2012

Teatro Franco Parenti, Sala AcomeA / at 10:00 PM

THE E-INFO AGE BOOKMIX (The 2nd Spoken Arts Record You Can Dance To)

The masses

Adam Michaels
Daniel Perlin
Jeffrey Schnapp

Daniel Perlin

Adam Michaels

Shannon Harvey, keyboards

Marshall McLuhan, Jerome Agel, Quentin Fiore, texts, narrators and images from the archive
In collaboration with
metaLAB@Harvard University
Teatro Franco Parenti
free admissions while seats last
A book to dance to? THE E-INFO AGE BOOKMIX is an audio and video performance based on two books by Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Massage and The Electric Information Age Book, as well as other material – vintage recordings, notes, conserved type-written materials, television clips, jingles, rhythmic traces. Marking the 100th anniversary of the author’s birth, the project brings the media theoretician back to life in a dialogue between the first cybernetic era and the present digital age. A conversation that includes live and recorded and printed archive material.