Torino / Sunday 12 September 2021

Chiesa di San Giovanni Maria Vianney / at 04:00 PM

Choir Day

The pandemic effectively shut down choir activity, and the passion of hundreds of thousands of people in Italy – who sing in them, accustomed to rehearsing every week, giving life to the thriving choral scene in this country, and were forced to wait it out in silence. A very sad situation indeed. Now, at long last, choirs are making music again. To celebrate, we’ve lined up thirteen performances in a single day, from morning till night, at venues located throughout the city. This extraordinary event features choirs from both Italy and abroad.

gregoriano Canto della Sibilla Maurice Duruflé Quatre motets sur des thèmes grégoriens op. 10 Ettore Desderi Agnus Dei Feria VI in parasceve responsoria Paolo Ghiglione Sequitur sequentia Luigi Molfino Victimae Paschali laudes Carlo Mosso Cantico delle creature
Choir Day is made possible thanks to the collaboration of FENIARCO, the Italian Federation of Regional Choral Associations, to whom we express our sincere thanks.

Free Admission, seating capacity: 175
135 seats available for online booking at beginning 10 am, Monday, September 6
Tickets for 40 seats distributed beginning 45 minutes prior to showtime.

Download the libretto

by redazionale