Milano / Saturday 9 September 2017

MTM Teatro Litta / at 03:30 PM


A solitary pigeon in search of friends flies over jungles, oceans and deserts in a whirlwind of extraordinary adventures. Along the way, he meets up with lots of curious creatures, all brought to life by an ensemble featuring 8 cellos.

Dieuweke van Reij, costumes and scenes

Desirèe van Gelderen, lights

Music by John Adams, Franz Schubert, Astor Piazzolla, Philip Glass, Alberto Ginastera, Cooley-Blackwell, Emile Waldteufel, Henry Mancini, Rares Mihailescu, Harald Austbø.
For children ages 5 and up Running time: 50 minutes Assigned seat € 5
Oorkaan Production co-production with Cello8ctet Amsterdam