Milano / Friday 23 September 2022
Gloria Campaner
Gloria Campaner

Teatro Bruno Munari / at 09:00 PM


Chopin continues to be the world’s best-loved composer for piano, the one who touches everyone’s heart, seduces, enthralls. His writing combines melodies inspired by Italian opera and decorations that seem to be tickling the keys. He’s hard to resist.

Fryderyk Chopin Preludio in do diesis minore op. 45 Valzer in do diesis minore op. 64 n. 2 Mazurca in do diesis minore op. 63 n. 3 Notturno in do diesis minore op. postuma Ventiquattro preludi op. 28
The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction courtesy of Nicola Pedone

Tickets € 5