Torino / Tuesday 19 September 2023
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir + Risto Joost
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir + Risto Joost

Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi / at 08:00 PM


This time around, Tõnu Kõrvits takes inspiration from Amelia Earhart, the celebrated American aviator who disappeared while attempting to fly around the world. Setting to music vast expanses of ocean, landscapes and aerial views, he concludes his cycle for choir and orchestra, which has been featured step by step in previous editions of MITO.

Arvo Pärt L’abbé Agathon, For soprano, Choir and String Orchestra Arranged by Tõnu Kõrvits   Tõnu Kõrvits The Sound of Wings
For Mezzosoprano, Viola and String Orchestra

Gold Carnet
Assigned Seating € 10

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by Guido Barbieri