Milano / Saturday 19 September 2020

Teatro Dal Verme / at 09:00 PM


It dons the history, the energy, and the enchantment we know. And it’s commonplace for classical music to be used in soundtracks for films, and even cartoons. Of course, the music’s completeness is sacrificed, but sometimes truly curious matchups occur. Shostakovich seems to have given his reply. He was a film connoisseur.

Johannes Brahms Danza ungherese n. 5 In Il grande dittatore di Charlie Chaplin (1940) Aleksandr Borodin Notturno dal Quartetto per archi n. 2 in re maggiore In 007 - Zona pericolo di John Glen (1987) Dmitrij Šostakovič Concerto n. 1 per pianoforte, tromba e archi op. 35 Pëtr Il'ič Čajkovskij Souvenir de Florence op. 70 In 40.000 dollari per non morire di Karel Reisz (1974)
Introduces Gaia Varon
In conjunction with Teatro Regio

Assigned seats € 10