Milano / Sunday 17 September 2023
Andrea Rebaudengo
Andrea Rebaudengo

Teatro Bruno Munari / at 09:00 PM


Gershwin bequeathed captivating versions of his greatest songs to the piano. And much more, including preludes, waltzes and the kind of soloist virtuosity heard in Rhapsody in Blue, so richly woven that we can do without the orchestra, no problem.

George Gershwin Tre Preludi The Man I Love Fascinating rhythm Sweet and Low Down Do-do-do 'S Wonderful Strike Up the Band I got Rhythm Who Cares? Liza Cuban Overture Two Waltzes in C Prelude: Melody n.17 Prelude: Novelette in Fourths  Prelude: Rubato  Rhapsody in Blue for piano and orchestra
The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction by Corrado Greco

Tickets € 5