Milano / Thursday 17 September 2020

Teatro Dal Verme / at 04:30 PM


In Europe of the late 1760s, without any apparent reason, the “spirit of the age” drove composers of every nationality to use minor keys in all-new ways that overwhelmed people’s emotions. If you want to be overwhelmed, this is the concert for you.

Franz Joseph Haydn Symphony in A major Hob. I:64“Tempora mutantur” Niccolò Zingarelli Sinfonia milanese no. 9 in D minor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Minuet from Quartet in D minor K. 173 Jan Křtitel Vaňhal Symphony in D minor
Introduce Enrico Correggia

Assigned seats € 5

Giacomo Coletti, Maria Grokotova, Gian Andrea Guerra, 

Diego Castelli, Beatrice Scaldini, Flavia Succhiarelli, violini

Luca Moretti, viola

Alessandro Palmeri, Anna Camporini, violoncelli

Marco Lo Cicero, contrabbasso

Arianna Zambon, Rei Ishizaka, oboi

Ermes Pecchinini , Antonino Patti, corni

Anna Maria Barbaglia, fagotto

Matteo Riboldi, clavicembalo