Milano / Monday 16 September 2024
Delphine Galou e Ottavio Dantone
Delphine Galou e Ottavio Dantone
Listening with the Eyes

Chiesa di Santa Maria Rossa in Crescenzago / at 09:00 PM

The Gates of Heaven

While this musical journey sets its sights on reaching heaven, it starts out with an exploration of decidedly worldly, terrestrial aspects of our existence. Frescobaldi’s aria is both a warning and a reprisal from a man who has seen love, beauty and youth slip from his grasp. In Lasso’s madrigal, while a youth succumbs to the allure of the flesh, he would rather perish than offend God. The journey continues – along the way there is jubilation and bliss, as well as pain and sorrow for the passion and suffering of Christ. This is Italian music at the turn of the 18 th century, by composers that exquisitely represent the Baroque esthetic and its splendor.

Girolamo Cavazzoni
Canzon sopra Falt d’argens

Orlando Di Lasso
Suzane un jour

Andrea Gabrieli
Canzon detta “Suzane un jour”

Claudio Monteverdi
Jubilet tota civitas

Bernardo Pasquini
Toccata e Ricercare del 2° tono

Giovanni Batista
Brevi O Spiritus Angelici

Alessandro Scarlatti
Toccata aperta d’Organ

Alessandro Stradella
Lamentazione per il Mercoledì Santo

Domenico Zipoli
Toccata, Versi e Canzona del 1° tono

Giuseppe Torelli
Cantata “Lumi, dolenti lumi”

Delphine Galou, contralto

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