Milano / Monday 14 September 2020

Teatro Delfino / at 09:00 PM


Serenades were meant to be played outdoors. They were usually standard pieces, pleasant, but often hollow. Mozart transformed them, maintaining the original spirit, while enriching the writing and the inventiveness, and filling them with flowers, fragrances and surprises.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Serenata in mi bemolle maggiore K. 375 Serenata in do minore K. 388 "Nacht Musique"

Ottetto di fiati dei Pomeriggi Musicali

Marco Giani,
Giuseppe Cultraro, clarinets
Lorenzo Lumachi,
Sarah Ruiz, bassoons
Alessandro Mauri,
Ambrogio Mortarino, horns
Francesco Quaranta,
Domenico Lamacchia, oboes

Introduces Luigi Marzola
In conjunction with I Pomeriggi Musicali

Assigned seats € 3