Torino / Monday 13 September 2021
Gabriela Montero, p.c. Anders-Brogaard
Gabriela Montero, p.c. Anders-Brogaard

Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi / at 09:00 PM


In the Waldstein sonata, Beethoven explores development, paving the way for Romanticism’s intense percussive mechanics. Rachmaninoff took the ball from there, combining the Romantic legacy with lyricism and 20th-century energy.

Ludwig van Beethoven Sonata in do maggiore op. 53 (Aurora) Sergej Rachmaninov Sonata n. 2 in si bemolle minore op. 36 Gabriela Montero Improvvisazioni su temi proposti dal pubblico

Assigned seating € 15

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by Stefano Catucci