Torino / Sunday 13 September 2015
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

Chiesa di San Filippo / at 04:00 PM

Arvo Pärt Kanon Pokajanen Morton Feldman Rotkho Chapel per soprano, contralto, coro viola, percussioni e celesta
free admission
This blithe musical match-up calls for a bit of explanation, beginning with the title of Morton Feldman’s composition. The Rothko in question is painter Mark Rothko. Art collectors and patrons of Houston, commissioned works by him to adorn the non-denominational chapel they had built. They also commissioned a soundtrack from Feldman, who was a fan of Rothko. The result was a sublime weave of sounds and evanescent whispers. Arvo Pärt, working independently from Feldman, wrote Kanon Pokajanen with inspiration from the Liturgy of the Light. The two compositions are united by a profound affinity.