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MITO SettembreMusica

MITO SettembreMusica is the annual international music festival that since 2007 has united the cities of Milano and Torino with a rich array of musical events.

Beginning 2016, programs will be theme-based and dedicated exclusively to classical music. For three weeks in the month of September MITO SettembreMusica offers three or more events per day, featuring the participation of world-class artists and orchestras. They are supported by the leading musical institutions of the two host cities in the creation of one immense virtual stage stretching from Milano to Torino and the surrounding areas.

The MITO SettembreMusica mission is twofold.
To provide opportunities for new audiences to appreciate classical music. All performances are preceded by a brief introduction; some performances are accompanied by supertitles, which serve as step-by-step listening guides.
To provide a special bonanza for classical music lovers, many of whom follow and attend musical events in Milano and Torino all year round. Many performances, all based on a given year’s theme, feature original compositions, and a number of events are custom-created for MITO SettembreMusica.

Classical music made accessible to all, in an array of incredible venues, at popular prices, with a number of events are custom-created for the festival.

Because music is such an important part of growing up, MITO Settembre Musica has always had a deep commitment to bringing music to children and young people. Each weekend over the course of the festival, we present concerts and musical theater performances featuring the very best productions for kids from around the world.

Also new since 2016: dozens of choirs from all over Italy and Europe fill the host cities for a special day of song, which culminates in an “open singing” event, where all are invited to sing along with a choir that provides basic guidelines.

Classical music made accessible to all, in an array of incredible venues, at popular prices: that’s the winning formula at MITO SettembreMusica, where last year’s attendance topped 26,000.