Milano / Thursday 13 September 2012
Ensemble Akhawat el-Fane el-Assil
Ensemble Akhawat el-Fane el-Assil

Piccolo Teatro Studio Expo / at 09:00 PM

The Hadra of the Women of Chefchaouen

Sayda Rahoum Bekkali, conductor

In northern Morocco, the ancient village of Chefchaouen is home to a rich and diversified musical and poetic tradition, crystallized in the expressive form called Hadra, or “presence”. The Hadra is a ritual practiced in Sufi communities. It involves invocations, praise and prayer with the aim of attaining a state of ecstasy, in unison with Divine presence.
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Interarts Lausanne
Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d’Europa
assigned seating € 20
Educational - School Project