Milano / Saturday 12 September 2020

Teatro Dal Verme / at 04:30 PM


The creation of the world, stories of birds, songs on the water, work in the fields. A short concert spotlighting the spirit of nature, featuring a renowned local children’s choir.

Alberto Grau La ronda que nunca se acaba Kurt Bikkenbergs This we know Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Abschiedslied der Zugvögel tradizionale giapponese Hotaru koi Arranged by Rō Hogura Alessandro Cadario Caracola Gustav Holst Hymn to the waters Raymond Murray Schafer Miniwanka or The Moments of Water José Barros El pescador Arranged by Ricardo Uru Fischer Michael East How Merrily We Live tradizionale sudamericano Duerme negrito Arranged by David Azurza tradizionale italiano Bella ciao delle mondine Arranged by Ennio Clari tradizionale lettone Ar vilciņu Rīgā braucu Arranged by Andris Sējāns Jukka Linkola The Joiku
Introduces Enrico Correggia

Assigned seats € 5