Milano / Wednesday 12 September 2012
Mimmo Cuticchio (ph. P. Amann)
Mimmo Cuticchio (ph. P. Amann)

Piccolo Teatro Grassi / at 09:00 PM

Charlemagne music for a leggend vocal and instrumental music from European middle-age

Mimmo Cuticchio


Claudia Caffagni, narrator and lute
Livia Caffagni, voice, flute and fiddle
Elisabetta de Mircovich, voice, fiddle and symphonia

An imaginary journey part cunto (a tale that is sung) and part canto (“song”), born out of the encounter between Mimmo Cuticchio, the greatest contemporary “cuntastorie” and puppeteer, and the Italian group La Reverdie, which plays polyphonic medieval and Renaissance music. The syncopated rhythm of the cunto, with its mysterious and ancient origins, accompanies the epic tale that Cuticchio has for decades brought to city squares and theaters around the world. With a stomping of his foot and his bellowing voice, here come the adventures of Charlemagne, Orlando and the Paladins of France, heralded by minstrels along the streets of Europe for centuries.
In collaboration with
Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d’Europa
assigned seating € 15
Educational - School Project