Milano / Saturday 11 September 2021

Teatro Dal Verme / at 09:00 PM


The history of music is like a long game of dominoes. The ones played come from the past, and they set the stage for the future. In this performance they do so by evoking centuries gone by – from the use of the double choir to tributes to Dante and Raffaello.

Alfred Schnittke Three Sacred Hymns, for mixed choir (4-8 voices)  Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Deutsche liturgie, for double choir Arvo Pärt Nunc dimittis, for mixed choir (4-8 voices)  Andrea Venturini Silenzio assordante, for mixed spatialized choir Marco Enrico Bossi A Raffaello divino, hymn for mixed choir (8 voices) Giuseppe Di Bianco Aetherium (Itinerarium Dantis in Deum) Tadeja Vulc Credo a 8 voci
The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction courtesy of Enrico Correggia

Assigned seating € 10