Torino / Saturday 11 September 2021

Casa Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani / at 11:00 AM


What does a tickle in your tummy sound like? And what happens when that tickle gradually escapes through your mouth, floats on the air, slips through the violin into the marimba? A violin-playing singer, a dancing percussionist and a singing dancer transport young audiences in a light-hearted encounter with dance, music and voice that tickles all the senses.

Oorkaan Amsterdam 2021

Tiemo Wang, voice and violin
Vitaly Medvedev, marimba and dance
Milang Lie Meeuw Lew, voice and dance
Caecilia Thunnissen, director
Erin Coppens, dramaturgy
Leonard Evers, compositions
Milena Sidorova, coreography
Tessa Verbei, set design
Tiedo Wilschut, light design
Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt, costumes

An Oorkaan Production. In conjunction with Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani

Assigned Seating € 5


For children ages 2 and up
Running time: 45 minutes

Download the libretto

by redazionale