Milano / Friday 11 September 2020

Teatro Dal Verme / at 09:00 PM


By the late 1700s, Corelli was recognized as the model of perfection. Although he produced relatively few compositions, they were published and reissued, copied and spread throughout Europe. His spirit inspired Händel and Geminiani, his students, and a young Vivaldi. It may still be among us, in a piece written especially for this concert.

Arcangelo Corelli Concerto grosso n. 4 in re maggiore op. 6 Francesco Geminiani Concerto grosso n. 2 in sol minore op. 3 Georg Friedrich Händel Concerto grosso no. 4 in F major op. 3 HWV 315 Federico Maria Sardelli Concerto grosso nello spirito di Corelli WORLD PREMIERE Georg Friedrich Händel Concerto grosso no. 6 in G minor op. 6 HWV 324 Antonio Vivaldi Concerto n. 11 in re minore RV 565 da L'Estro Armonico op. 3
Introduces Enrico Correggia

Assigned seats € 10