Milano / Saturday 10 September 2022
Mariangela Vacatello
Mariangela Vacatello

Teatro Delfino / at 09:00 PM


In terms of writing, Scriabin was a true virtuoso in the mold of Liszt’s great nineteenth-century tradition. He knew how to work a spell. Inspiration that is always tumultuous and extreme sets his scores on fire – blazing brighter than any other composer of the 20th century.

Aleksandr Skrjabin Sonata n. 1 in fa minore op. 6 Sonata n. 4 in fa diesis maggiore op. 30 Sonata No. 9 Op. 68 "Messe noire" Sonata No. 10 Op. 70
The concert will be preceded by a brief introduction courtesy of Oreste Bossini

Tickets € 5