Torino / Saturday 3 September 2016
Signum Saxophone Quartet
Signum Saxophone Quartet

Casa Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani / at 04:00 PM


A world-famous saxophone quartet known for its energetic interpretations and the on-stage presence of the director who projects incredible images on the screen to play with. An absolutely irresistible performance.

Letizia Renzini, conception, direction and visuals

Felix Dobrowohl, musical arrangements

Mario Monopoli, stage direction

Simon Busch, sound engineer

Alexandra Kirsch

Moritz Zavan, staging and lights

Suitable for people ages 6 and up.
Running time 50 minutes
Produced by Philharmonie Luxembourg,
Signum Saxophone Quartet,
Kölner Philharmonie & Ingrate Art Productions
In conjunction with
Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
assigned seating € 5