Teatro Elfo Puccini

Foyer del Teatro Elfo Puccini (ph. Di Martino)
Foyer del Teatro Elfo Puccini (ph. Di Martino)
Corso Buenos Aires, 33
M1 Lima - Passante Ferroviario: Porta Venezia
Tram 5, 33/Bus 60, 81
BikeMi 113 - Buenos Aires Lima
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Since the Thirties, The Puccini Theater in Corso Buenos Aires has been one of the most important place for entertainment in Milan. Today this great hall with 1600 seats, which during the years hosted opera, vaudeville, drama and remained active as a cinema until the mid-eighties, has finally been reopened, radically restructured and renamed “Elfo Puccini”. The renovation, which transformed the historic one-room into a modern multi-auditorium (800 total seats), has been funded by the Municipality of Milano (owner of the building), with the contribution of “Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali”, Fondazione Cariplo and Teatridithalia (that has paid the costs of the project, entrusted to the architect Marcello Vecchi) and in collaboration with Regione Lombardia. The operation, which lasted five years, returned to the city a technologically advanced structure that retains the finest details of the historic building, such as the stucco wall at the bottom of the old stalls, the mosaic floor of the foyer and the impressive scenic tower. The complex is equipped with all services necessary to a theatrical production center: seventeen autonomous dressing rooms, laboratories, storerooms, costume house, audio, video and lightning control rooms, offices and meeting rooms, recording studio, foyer, cloakroom, café, all wired and connected via video, audio, telephone and data.
In addition to the Sala Shakespeare and Fassbinder, there is also the Sala Bausch, with a capacity of 100 seats, built in the former cinema and Fiammetta, which has 2 adjustable stands that can be telescopically close, wooden floors fir 10x10m ring Motorized adjustable height.