Torino / Friday 20 September 2013
Teho Teardo, Martina Bertoni (ph. S. Caleo)
Teho Teardo, Martina Bertoni (ph. S. Caleo)
Damo Suzuki
Damo Suzuki

Teatro Colosseo / at 09:30 PM

Dance of the Lemmings

Teho Teardo Music For Wilder Mann

Teho Teardo,
baritone guitar, electronics
Martina Bertoni, cello
Charles Fréger, visuals

Damo Suzuki Network

Damo Suzuki, vocals
Daniele Pagliero, electronics, bass
Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo,
guitar, electric viola
Marco “Bue” Schiavo,
drums, glockenspiel
Paul Beauchamp,
electronics, musical saw, dulcimer

Amon Düül II

Chris Karrer, guitars, oud, violin
John Weinzierl, guitars, vocals
Danny Fichelscher, drums, vocals
Hans Kroeninger, visuals

Part of the 20th edition
of the international festival
"Il Sacro attraverso l'Ordinario"
Assigned seating € 10
Three different visions of musical language in terms of alchemy and ritual, from the electroacoustic and cinematic exploration of Teho Teardo’s European pagan archetype to the orgiastic, Teutonic gothic sounds of Amon Düül II, one of the great psychedelic rock bands of the 1970s, by way of the vocal mantra and instantaneous compositional synergies of Damo Suzuki, vocalist for Can 1970-1973, here accompanied by members of Larsen and Blind Cave Salamander.