In memory of Anna Gastel

Anna Gastel

The loss of Anna Gastel leaves us with a feeling of profound loneliness.

Working with Anna was sheer joy, made possible thanks to her in-depth knowledge of art and music, her dedication, her empathy and generosity. She was the days-gone-by symbol of cosmopolitan Milano. More than that, she was a charmer with that smile and natural elegance of hers.

With ease, Anna left people spellbound.

Her grace spawned all the richness that became her own personal story, with roots not only in the extraordinary endeavors of her family and the formidable relationships among the erudite that she forged, but also thanks to her own authentic, highly personal passion for beauty in all its forms.

Until the end, Anna dedicated her energy to the promotion of art and beauty, leaving an indelible mark on Italy’s cultural life. Thus, we can say with complete assuredness that Anna was a protagonist within contemporary cultural institutions in Italy. Indeed, she was always a major player, all the way around, when it came to her authentic public service for the advantage of the entire community.

In particular, Anna’s infectious passion for music enriched the lives of all those who had the privilege of knowing her. It certainly gave a continuous boost to MITO SettembreMusica, making it the grand music festival that it has come to be, a magnet for artists and fans alike. 

Her memory lives on, not only among the people who had the good fortune to know her, but for everyone that had the chance to appreciate the commitment Anna gave to all that she did, beneficiaries of her wisdom, will and drive. As she so eloquently put it, “Beauty stimulates the brain and makes us better people.”     

We’ll certainly never forget her. And it is to her that this year’s edition of MITO SettembreMusica is dedicated – the last festival she herself contributed to making before her untimely demise. 

The cities of Milano and Torino warmly embrace Anna’s memory, as we express our most heartfelt condolences to her loved ones.


Rosanna Purchia

City of Torino Commissioner of Culture


Tommaso Sacchi

City of Milano Commissioner of Culture