Torino / Friday 13 September 2019
Simona Bertozzi ph. Luca Del Pia
Simona Bertozzi ph. Luca Del Pia

Teatro Gobetti / at 08:45 PM


Anatomia is the result of the encounter between two bodies: a biological body, belonging to Simona Bertozzi, and a body of sound, which is Francesco Giomi’s. Sound gives Simona Bertozzi the chance to explore her anatomy’s potential, and in turn, what takes form on the set feeds Giomi’s sonic gestures. The resulting imagery: the forms in which time unfolds, where we note the relationships between what is fast and what is slow, what is movement, silence and lines of escape. What’s left is the essence of their encounter, comprised of their rapport, downtime and vibrations. 

Music and Live Electronics 
Francesco Giomi 
Theoretical and Compositional Conception 
Enrico Pitozzi 
Lighting and Set Design

Antonio Rinaldi

Simona Bertozzi, choreography

Matilde Stefanini, dance

Mirella Mastronardi, voice

Produced by
Nexus 2016
In conjunction with Tempo Reale 

Assigned Seating €20
Discount €17 / Under 35 €12