Milano / Friday 11 September 2020

Teatro Dal Verme / at 04:30 PM


A medieval Norwegian ballad sings of Olav, who, while sleeping from Christmas to Epiphany, gets a glimpse of what life is like after death. The transcription has been realized especially for this performance, in which the folk-Baroque group Brú evokes sorcerer spirits and magical beings from the far North.

tradizionale scandinavo Draumkvæde, "Dream Song"   Arrangement and improvisation by Krishna Nagaraja and Brú

Brú 2020

Nadia Kuprina, voice
Davide Monti, baroque violin
Krishna Nagaraja, baroque viola, hardingfele
Marco Testori, baroque cello
Giangiacomo Pinardi, theorbo

Introduce Enrico Correggia

Assigned seats € 5