Bosco in Città Cascina San Romano

via Novara, 340
M1 Gambara + bus 72
Parcheggio auto al civico 300
Boscoincittà is a public park situated in the West of Milan and established in 1974, following a convention between the Municipal Administration and Italia Nostra Association, that today deals with the management maintenance of the area. It represents the first example of urban forestation in Italy, with 100 hectares of woods, clearings, paths, waterways, urban gardens. An old farmhouse is its operations center. In 1977 the Amici del Bosco Committee was founded and it provided funding to the projects until the early 80’s, when the City of Milan begun to supply an economic contribute to the initiative. In the 1981 the CFU - Centro di Forestazione Urbana (Urban Forestation Center) was formed, located in Cascina San Romano, and it is responsible for coordinating and developing all the projects for the realization of the park and the promotion of the citizens participation. In 1984 the Municipality of Milan decided to renew the contract with Italia Nostra for another nine years and to expand the park area from 35 to 50 hectares. In this period it has been realized “the gardens of leisure”, that took inspiration from similar project in Europe. With the third convention between the City of Milan and Italia Nostra, from 1993 to 2002, there was a further extension of another 30 hectares and there were implemented a water garden, protected areas for children and new lots of gardens. The last convention, which will expire in 2011, will allow the connection between Boscoincittà and Parco delle Cave. Today the park hosts a flora made of trees, shrubs, flowers and spontaneous vegetation.