Milano / Saturday 22 September 2012
Orchestra 1813
Orchestra 1813

MTM Teatro Leonardo / at 05:00 PM

Between water and fire, Gods and heroes The sound of the elements in Richard Wagner's Ring

Riccardo Pecci, musical drammaturgy
Olo Creative Farm, multimedia project
Giuseppe La Malfa, conductor
Orchestra 1813

Project Orchestra in gioco III edition
In collaboration with
Aslico/Opera Education
assigned seating € 5
In Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen, the natural elements are not merely a background for the feats of gods, dwarfs, men and giants. Rather, their interaction gives rise to a fascinating story. The conductor guides children through the listening experience by “taking apart” a selection of preludes, interludes and instrumental pages from Der Ring des Nibelungen, which are then performed in their entirety, accompanied by a series of videos that stimulate the interpretation. For kids age 6