Milano / Monday 21 September 2009
Nanni Svampa
Nanni Svampa

Piccolo Teatro Studio Expo / at 09:00 PM

Svampa & Friends

Presentation of the film documentary Nanni 70 of Simone Del Vecchio Participants Flavio Oreglio, Alberto Patrucco, I Gufi with Nanni Svampa, Lino Patruno, Roberto Brivio and with a special appearance by Enzo Iacchetti, on guitar Antonio Mastino Presenting will be Alessandra Faiella With a salute of Massimo Zanello, Assessore alle Culture, Identità e Autonomie della Regione Lombardia Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, Assessore alla Cultura del Comune di Milano

In collaboration with
Regione Lombardia
Assessorato alle Culture, Identità
e Autonomie
Comune di Milano
Assessorato alla Cultura
Piccolo Teatro di Milano -
Teatro d’Europa
Assigned Seating € 15
This film is the work of a group of Milanese authors and produced by Associazione LaBiografika. It is a almost serious journey into the musical history of Svampa, who took the traditional Lombardian dialect to new and noble heights, and even combined it with the poetics of French singer songwriter George Brassens. Over the course of the journey, the main character meets up with a host of colleagues, from Davide Van De Sfroos to Italian pop star Elio, from Enzo Iacchetti to former Gufi members Lino Patruno and Roberto Brivio. All these artists, along with friends like Flavio Oreglio and Alberto Patrucco, perform with Nanni Svampa for an evening of music and cabaret…and a grand finale jam session!