Milano / Monday 21 September 2009
Funukedomo, Kanashimi No Ai Wo Misero
Funukedomo, Kanashimi No Ai Wo Misero

Spazio Oberdan - Sala Cinema / at 05:00 PM

Funukedomo, Kanashimi No Ai Wo Misero (Funuke, Show Some Love, You Losers!)

directed by Yoshida Daihachi Japan, 2007, 35mm, 111 min

Part of the series "FocusGiappone" and the retrospective Invisible Japan
In collaboration with
Provincia di Milano
Milano Film Festival
Free Admission
"Funuke" is the story of a family struggle in the country-side. After both parents die in a car accident elder sister Sumika (Satou Eriko) is forced to come back home from Tokyo when the family can no longer send her money for acting school. Little sister Kyomi (Satsukawa Aimi), an asthma–stricken aspiring manga writer, and older brother Shinji (Nagase Masatoshi), who abuses his wife Machiko (Nagasaku Hiromi) make up the remaining remnants of the family. Now that the frustrated elder sister has come back (and eager to leave again), tension within the family hits an all–time–high. Every family member’s dark secret leads to one event after another…