Milano / Sunday 20 September 2015
Luigi Maio
Luigi Maio

Teatro Fontana / at 05:00 PM

Luigi Maio Inferno da Camera «in taverna coi ghiottoni»

Trio Malebranche

Roberto Piga, violin
Gabriele Fioritti, cello
Enrico Grillotti, piano

For children ages 12 and up
In collaborazione con
Elsinor - Teatro Sala Fontana

Thanks to
Bolton Group
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In celebration of the 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri, Inferno da Camera is a theatrical chamber fantasy for young people, an opportunity to play and learn. A map of Dante’s Circles of Hell, the music of Liszt practically playing the part of Virgil. This is no mere reading of the Divine Comedy, but a dramatic performance in which each character has a means to express himself.