Milano / Sunday 20 September 2009
Teatro Nō
Teatro Nō

Triennale Teatro dell’Arte / at 09:00 PM

Nō Theater, measure of the gesture

Traditions of Japan

Tadao Kamei, artistic direction

Part of the series "FocusGiappone" Duration: 90 minutes
Assigned Seating € 15
With on-stage action bringing together song, dance, music and mime in a singular and elegant drama, the Nō Theater aims at "soothing man’s heart" through the representation of the purity of thought and feelings. Ever since the Shōgun era (14th – 16th centuries) this form of classical Japanese theater has melded folk influences and sacred Shintō dances in a stylized array of characters and situations. Within precisely coded scenic spaces, flautists, percussionists, chorus and actor-dancers solemnly bring to life the tragic tension of episodes that pass sometimes thanks to comic interludes.