Milano / Sunday 20 September 2009
A Snake of June
A Snake of June

Piccolo Teatro Strehler / at 03:00 PM

A Snake of June

directed by Shinya Tsukamoto Japan, 2002, 35mm, 77 min

Part of the series "FocusGiappone" and the retrospective Invisible Japan
In collaboration with
Milano Film Festival
Free Admission
Married couple Rinko and Shigehiko are stuck in a sexless marriage. One day Rinko receives a letter containing pictures taken while she had been pleasuring herself. The person who sends the letter calls revealing himself as Igushi, a former psychiatric patient of hers, and begins to order Rinko to perform increasingly erotic acts. After Shigehiko finds one of Igushi's letters, he also becomes involved in the mental games--with surprising results for their marriage.