Torino / Friday 18 September 2015

Cinema Massimo / at 10:00 PM


Live music for the films Ascensione al Cervino by Mario Piacenza, 1911-12, 14’ Ascensione al Dente del Gigante by Mario Piacenza, 1911, 12’ Sul tetto del mondo, Viaggio di S.A.R. il Duca degli Abruzzi al Karakorum by Vittorio Sella, 1910, 34’
In conjunction with
Museo Nazionale del Cinema
Realized under the auspices of Città di Torino
With the support of
Assessorato allo Sport
e Tempo Libero della Città di Torino
For Torino Capitale Europea dello Sport 2015
A Non Luoghi Musicali / Centro
Commerciale Campania production
In conjunction with DNA Concerti
Admission €10
To mark the 150th anniversary of the first successful expedition to the summit of the Matterhorn, the Italian National Museum of Cinema serves up screenings of three extraordinary films from the 1910s, which document Matterhorn ascents, up the Giant’s Tooth and an expedition in Karakorum. The digitalized footage is courtesy of documentary pioneers Mario Piacenza and Vittorio Sella, and has been restored by the Museum. Live musical accompaniment by the British duo Plaid and the Italian percussion ensemble Blow Up Percussion.