Torino / Friday 16 September 2022
Duo Tal & Groethuysen
Duo Tal & Groethuysen

Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi / at 07:30 PM


The piece created by Febel, played together with Bach’s original fugue, is music that appears to be the stuff of miniature, pulsating LED lights. That’s the listening experience here, with each and every note included. There’s also an expansion on that theme, a kind of natural, organic remix, provided by the second piano.

Reinhard Febel Eighteen Studies on the Art of Bach’s Fugue

Duo Tal & Groethuysen

Yaara Tal, Andreas Groethuysen, pianos

Gold Carnet

Pass à la carte

Assigned Seating € 10 (or  €7 when purchasing tickets for the 5 pm concert)

Download the libretto

by Nicola Gallino