Milano / Tuesday 15 September 2020

Teatro Bruno Munari / at 09:00 PM


The combination of horns and strings gives music a curious breath. The painstaking work, the movement, the teeming all make violins, violas and cellos real, present, concrete. While the tone color and phrasing of the horns – here there are two – drive the ear to distant shores, where the focus is on an invisible world.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Quintetto in mi bemolle maggiore per corno e archi K. 407 Quartetto in sol maggiore per archi K. 387 Divertimento in re maggiore per due corni e archi K. 334

Ettore Bongiovanni

Paolo Valeriani, horns

Quartetto In Corda dell'Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai

Valerio Iaccio, violin
Martina Mazzon, violin, viola
Federico Maria Fabbris, viola
Fabio Storino, cello

Introduces Luigi Marzola
In conjunction with Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai

Assigned seats € 3