Milano / Saturday 15 September 2012
Eccentrici Dadarò (ph. Marco Zanirato)
Eccentrici Dadarò (ph. Marco Zanirato)

Teatro Fontana / at 05:00 PM

The extraordinary historia of the pentagram's knights

by and with
Rossella Rapisarda e Davide Visconti
Fabrizio Visconti, direction
Paride Pantaleone, Brina Babini, costumes

Florilegio Ensemble
Marcello Serafini, fiddle
chitarra rinascimentale, percussion
Aimone Gronchi, fiddle, viola
Antonio Serafini, bagpipes, lute
Alberto Crugnola, ghironda, lute
In collaboration with
Eccentrici Dadarò
Elsinor Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione
assigned seating € 5
An epic journey, an adventure part knightly tale, part Commedia dell’Arte, that ushers children into the world of music, to discover what it’s made of and where it hides. The captain and Harlequin travel to the ends of the earth and bring back to the castle music that was stolen by an evil wizard. For kids age from 6 to 11