Torino / Tuesday 13 September 2022
Ton Koopman
Ton Koopman

Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi / at 09:00 PM


The music of Bach never stands still. It is a continuation of breathtaking rhythms, ideas and inventions. This concert serves up four of his most famous compositions. It’s like finding yourself before a rotating prism that gives off bedazzling reflections of light and colors.

Johann Sebastian Bach Concerto per violino e oboe in do minore BWV 1060R Concerto brandeburghese n. 3 in sol maggiore BWV 1048 Suite in do maggiore per orchestra BWV 1066 Concerto brandeburghese n. 4 in sol maggiore BWV 1049
Concerto trasmesso in diretta o in differita da

Gold Carnet

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Assigned Seating €15


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by Gaia Varon