Ecco i 50 selezionati del concorso NUTRIRE LA MUSICA!

/ 16 July 2014
The contest was launched last February by Padiglione Italia EXPO 2015 on the basis of a project of Divertimento Ensemble, jointly with Sentieri selvaggi, MITO SettembreMusica and the Municipality of Milan. Over 600 contestants from all over the world have taken part in the contest, from the four corners of the planet: Italy, Japan, Russia, Australia... The countries with the largest number of contestants are Italy (11), France (11), Great Britain (4) and Canada (3). Jury members Sandro Gorli, Enzo Restagno, Carlo Boccadoro, Ramon Encinar, Jean-Luc Hervé, Unsuk Chin, Liza Lim and Cristian Morales-Ossio, selected 50 composers, who will be requested to write a new music score inspired by the theme of EXPO Feeding the planet, Energy for life. During the period between 2nd May and 31st July, 2015, the 50 new compositions will be performed as absolute premières by the ensembles “Divertimento Ensemble” and “Sentieri selvaggi” in the spaces of Padiglione Italia, during EXPO 2015. Upon conclusion of all the performances, Padiglione Italia will award a prize of 15,000 EUR to the best composition. A further selection will be made among the 50 new compositions by MITOSettembreMusica, Divertimento Ensemble and Sentieri selvaggi and will feature in their concert programmes. The winners are: Trybucki Adrien, Daniel Alvarado, Jagoba Astiazaran Korta, Utku Asuroglu, Maurizio Azzan, Giovanni Bertelli, Leo Birtwhistle, Matej Bonin, Dahae Boo, Stefano Bulfon, Britta Byström, Teresa Carrasco, Alberto Carretero, Unho Chang, Cheng-wen Chen, Paul Clift, Pasquale Corrado, Simone Corti, Gabriele Cosmi, Michael Cutting, Caterina Di Cecca, Omar Dodaro, Garifzyanova Elvira, Melody Eötvös, Miguel Farías, Beavan Flanagan, Gordon Dic-lun Fung, Adriano Gaglianello, Pieniek Grzegorz, Jouni Hirvelä, Maija Hynninen, Panayiotis Kokoras, Yu Kuwabara, Frédéric Le Bel, Ofer Pelz, Alberto Rampani, Evis Sammoutis, Jorge Sancho, Michele Sanna, Antonin Serviere, Daniela Terranova, Charles-Philippe Tremblay-Bégin, Fredy Vallejos, Gabriele Vanoni, Franco Venturini, Charles David Wajnberg, Yukiko Watanabe, Richard Whalley, Nina C. Young, Filippo Zapponi. More info:
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