Torino / Sunday 13 September 2015
Philip Glass


Opera in three acts

Libretto by Philip Glass
in association with
Shalom Goldman, Robert Israel
Richard Riddel and Jerome Robbins
©1983 Dunvagen Music Publishers
Inc. Used by Permission

Vocal text from original sources by Shalom Goldman

Rupert Enticknap (Akhnaten), countertenor
Gabriella Sborgi (Nefertiti, moglie di Akhnaten), contralto
Valentina Valente (Regina Tye, madre di Akhnaten), soprano
Giuseppe Naviglio (Horemhab, generale e futuro faraone), baritone
Mauro Borgioni (Aye, padre di Nefertiti), bass
Marcello Nardis (Sommo sacerdote di Amòn), tenor
Artists of the Chorus Teatro Regio (Le sei figlie, Il banchetto funebre)
Valter Malosti (Amenofi, figlio di Apu, lo scriba), narrator
Claudio Fenoglio, choirmaster
Dennis Giauque, maestro ripetitore
Andrea Micheli, photographs
Luca Scarzella, video direction
Gianni Carluccio, staging and lights

Concert performance
Italian premiere


Philip Glass is a tireless reader; his curiosity knows no bounds. In the early ’80s – as he himself tells us – he stumbled across Oedipus and Akhnaten, a book by Immanuel Velikovsky in which the author claims that the vicissitudes of Sophocles’ King Oedipus were already well known during the reign of the Pharaoh Akhnaten. Glass was so impressed that he wanted to make an opera out of it. As the project developed, the fates of Oedipus and Akhnaten, who was the first Egyptian ruler to sustain monotheism, ultimately took different paths.
Glass amassed a plethora of historical, archeological and philological details which he put together to create a work of great and rare allure.
It premiered at the Stuttgart Opera House, under the elegant direction of Achim Freyer. The performance slated for MITO SettembreMusica 2015 follows an oratory format and dual-screen imagery based on the collection from Torino’s Egyptian Museum.


assigned seating € 20

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Torino e Piemonte - 09/13/2015
Torino e Piemonte - 09/13/2015
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Torino e Piemonte - 09/13/2015

Auditorium Giovanni Agnelli Lingotto
Akhnaten, Opera in tre atti di Philip Glass
Orchestra e Coro del Teatro Regio di Torino
Dante Anzolini, direttore
ph. Gianluca Platania e Mattia Boero

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