The advent of globalization and digital technology has changed the way we relate to space and time forever. Indeed, younger generations’ ideas regarding geography are pretty much at odds with the way previous generations saw things. Take, for example, concepts like identity and borders. On the one hand, we have seen the rise of extremist xenophobic platforms, yet in terms of practical, everyday existence, there has been an incredible upsurge in cross-border movement, in both the physical and metaphorical senses, that tends to pay little or no heed to prefab confines. Thus, while it is of great interest to explore artistic production taking place in the here and now, featuring composers and performers that have experienced this new kind of nomadism first-hand, for whom it has become commonplace to work with fellow artists from all corners of the world, it’s still important, and a thrill, to step back and revel in musical endeavors of the past, and recall times when local and national influences bore heavily on cultural expression. This year’s theme, Geography, is a journey through space and time, as we delve deep into past and present, probing places, traditions, connections and languages – all in terms of music – that have left their mark on so many different cultures across the globe.

Performances by orchestras and soloists from the world over, along with prestigious homegrown talent in the form of master musicians based in Milano and Torino, are slated for parallel programs in both host cities. We’ll be giving vent to an array of expression from a healthy selection of different countries, as we focus, at the same time, on composers who’ve gone beyond the border concept – putting the spotlight on what’s happening locally worldwide, and what once was local but has broken out of that context and emerged on a much broader scale. As in past editions, MITO SettembreMusica 2019 will be serving up custom-designed events with appeal to both connoisseurs and newcomers to classical music. Performances will be preceded by brief introductions that provide audiences with the tools to better understand and relate to the genesis, meaning and intensity of each work performed. Enhanced listening experiences, with the aim of instilling a collective appreciation of beauty, emotion and artistic sensibility as statements of belonging and togetherness, on both civic and existential levels, bolstering awareness, richness and fullness, individually and collectively.

As in past editions, MITO SettembreMusica 2019 will be serving up custom-designed events with appeal to both connoisseurs and newcomers to classical music.

Once again we’ll be placing a special focus on choral music, with a full day dedicated to choirs, for a festive invasion that includes ten afternoon concerts, followed up by an open singing event in which all are invited to participate. Past editions have been so successful, in terms of personal and social outpouring – pure pleasure, singing together – that they warrant yet another go. With determination and pride, MITO SettembreMusica carries on this grand tradition. We’re the world’s only big-time music festival not focused solely on vocal music to put choral singing in the spotlight for an entire day.

MITO SettembreMusica also promotes an unorthodox approach to performances for children and young people. This year’s program features shows from Japan and the Netherlands, as well as an all-new performance commissioned by MITO SettembreMusica. They each promise a delightful, engaging and surprising musical experience – void of the stolid pedantry so often associated with shows designed for younger audiences. That’s MITO SettembreMusica’s message in a bottle for the future. For ears, brains and hearts open to and overflowing with music.

Nicola Campogrande

Nicola Campogrande
Artistic Director