MITO is Pro-Sustainability

MITO SettembreMusica 2020 promises to be a special edition indeed. What with all the restrictions in place, organization this year has been fraught with difficulties. The health emergency has had an enormous impact on all our lives, which includes MITO SettembreMusica. Despite it all, we’ve done our best to keep our focus on the most relevant themes of today, like environmental issues. Environmental impact has become a priority issue in terms of our collective health and well-being, along with the rest of the planet’s. 

Planning sustainable cultural events is a win-win situation. It brings together and harmonizes different interests, while reducing to a minimum negative impact, and concretely influencing change. Leaving a positive legacy behind and being the source of inspiration for a more sustainable model of management is important, now more than ever. That also adds up to savings on expenditures and higher earnings.

MITO SettembreMusica 2020 has accepted the challenge launched by the City of Torino. The goal is to develop a system of sustainable management of cultural events based on UNI ISO 20121:2013 standards. With the aim being the City of Torino’s certification, the Foundation for Culture has made precise choices in terms of organization for this year’s festival, with regard to best practices and the activation of virtuous processes among stakeholders. The main areas of focus range from social and cultural scenarios to the economy and the environment.

MITO SettembreMusica draws a variegated audience, offering easy access to performances at affordable prices. The festival puts a premium on sustainable production cycles, with a close eye on the local economic layout. We also seek out locally-based suppliers whenever possible, as well as local renewable and recyclable materials. We help spread the word when it comes pro-sustainability.

Putting together a music festival under duress hasn’t been easy. But we’re certain that this will be yet another outstanding edition of MITO SettembreMusica, and then some. 


Nicoletta Arcuri / phlibero