Hangar Bicocca

Via Privata Chiese, 2
M5 Ponale
Tram 31/Bus 42, 51, 87
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HangarBicocca is a dinamic place for production, documentation, esposition, promotion and disclosure of contemporary art. Its propose is the exploration and the experimentation of the multidisciplinarity among all arts –visual and performing ones- and other fields of contemporary knowledge. The project has its origins in the opening to contemporary art of a large industrial plant owned by the Ansaldo Group, that produced coils for trains’ electric motors. The first step toward the building’s new destination was involving international artists interested in the challenge of a site-specific project in dialogue with a visually powerful space. The first of all was Anselm Kiefer who, in 2004, has achieved the monumental work The Seven Heavenly Palaces.
Since 2004 HangarBicocca presented both personal and collective exhibitions, collaborating with other institutions and gathering consensus by both public and contemporary art’s experts.
HangarBicocca, which has become a Foundation in 2008, in respect of its goal to establish itself as an international reference in contemporary art in the world, turns constantly to international and promising young artists and curators, Italians and foreigners, who wish to accept the challenge of dealing with an area so unique and impressive the Hangar’s naves.