Milano / Saturday 12 September 2009

Mixed Reality Performance: An Evening on Sirikata

A project commissioned by the
MITO SettembreMusica Festival

Terry Riley

In C, for Laptop Orchestra and Acoustic Instruments

Juan-Pablo Caceres, Robert Hamilton

Canned Bits Mechanics, for Three Remote Disklaviers at CCRMA, a Piano and Visualizations in Sirikata

Robert Hamilton, Juan-Pablo Caceres

Of Two Worlds, for Interactive Sirikata Performers

Dialogues, Networked Improvisations

With the participation of
Jeffrey T. Schnapp,
founder-director, Stanford Humanities Lab
Juan-Pablo Caceres,
Robert Hamilton,
Chryssie Nanou
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics

MITO Festival Production Director: Andrea Minetto


Mixed Reality Performance is an experiment in which physical spaces and Musicians from different continents encounter one another on-line. Promoted by MITO SettembreMusica in collaboration with the Stanford Humanities Lab and the Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, this production is an experiment in on-line interaction among musicians in different locations. While a pianist plays their music is manipulated by other musicians on-line; from across the ocean other acoustic realities are manipulated and appear projected in 3-D on walls. Spectators are immersed in a recreated world of sound in an installation that marks the birth of the performance spaces on Sirikata, the most recent open source platform on the web.


In collaboration with
Stanford Humanities Lab
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics della Stanford University
Politecnico di Milano


Free Admission

Milano e Lombardia - 09/12/2009
Milano e Lombardia - 09/12/2009

Mixed Reality Performance: A night in Sirikata
With Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Juan-Pablo Caceres, Robert Hamilton, Chryssie Nanou
September 12th 2009, Politecnico Sede di Milano Bovisa - Aula De Carli

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