Milano / Saturday 12 September 2009

datamatics [ver.2.0]

Ryoji Ikeda, electronics

Produced by Forma
Co–commissioned by AV Festival 06, ZeroOne San Jose & ISEA 2006
Co–produced by les Spectacles Vivants, Centre Pompidou, and YCAM
Supported by Recombinant Media Labs

Part of the series "FocusGiappone"


Acclaimed by the critics as one of the most radical and innovative composers on the contemporary electronic music scene, Ikeda uses pure data as a source for sound and visuals. datamatics combines abstract and mimetic presentations of matter, time and space in a powerful and breathtakingly accomplished work, that challenges and explores the thresholds of our perceptions.


With thanks to
Traffic Free Festival

In conjunction with
Superstudio Group


General Admission € 5

Milano e Lombardia - 09/12/2009

datamatics [ver.2.0] di Ryoji Ikeda
September 12th 2009, Superstudio Più Central Point

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