Milano / Saturday 8 September 2018
Milano / Saturday 8 September 2018 - at 4:00 pm

God rest you Marry, gentleman

arr. Domenico Clapasson

Marco Paderni

Mettimi come sigillo sul tuo cuore

Mark Lowry

Mary, did you know?

Buddy Greene, arr. T. Hayden


Guli ljuli

arr. Domenico Clapasson

Jim Papoulis

We are the voices


In that great getting’ up morning'

arr. Tom Fettke, Thomas Grassi

Jim Papoulis


Coro Nuova Armonia di San Bernardino di Chiari
Maurizio Emilio Ramera, conductor
Andrea Goffi, piano

Assigned seating € 3

Milano / Saturday 8 September 2018 - at 4:00 pm
Jan Facilis Boleslavsky

Kdyz jsi stesti

Isabella Leonarda

Ave regina coelorum

Aram Satian

Farewell to school

Ola Gjeilo

Ubi caritas

Josef Hadar

Keshet levana

Moira Smiley

Bring me little water Sylvie

canto popolare ticinese

La bella la va al fosso

arr. M. Uherek

Ivo Antognini

This song


Stephen Stills

See the changes

arr. Mario Fontana


Homeward bound

arr. di Mario Fontana

John Lennon


Coro Calicantus di Locarno
Mario Fontana, conductor
Simona Crociani, piano

Assigned seating € 3

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Milano e Lombardia - 09/08/2018
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